Reece Newton -

Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours 1), University of Newcastle (2019)

Reece Newton commenced employment with Graph at the start of 2023, when he took up the position of Project Manager, primarily working on residential construction. For a young man, Reece has a strong background in residential building, which began while he was an undergraduate: after completing the first year of Construction Management on a full-time basis, Reece completed the last three quarters of the degree part-time so that he could work as a building coordinator for a residential builder based in Toronto, NSW. He subsequently worked for other local builders involved in medium density construction (five years) and high-end residential and commercial construction (eighteen months) prior to joining Graph.

At Graph, Reece has been managing the construction of a number of single dwellings, as well as some multi-dwelling housing projects.As time goes on, he will also take on the management of some of our commercial building projects.

Reece has been involved in all aspects of building projects: from take-offs and estimating through to the finalisation of contracts, and including the pre-construction stage. He’s committed to providing superior service to clients, and delivering buildings of enduring quality.