As a regional builder for over twenty years Graph has developed a wide range of services that it can offer clients. “Versatility and capability ” would be the key words – whatever the building project, and however it’s to be delivered, Graph can almost certainly build it for you, and under a contractual arrangement that suits you and your financiers.

Entrance area of the city exchange building


Graph operates across the full spectrum of building construction: from single residential dwellings to multi-storey buildings.

Outside view of side wall at night lit up


Graph operates from small to large: projects are typically in the range $0.5m to $30m.

Large colourful wooden tree and oversized mushroom


Graph doesn’t just build conventional buildings involving traditional building trades: our more unusual projects include, for example, a children’s playground at Charlestown Square (for GPT Group).

Outside view of building entrance


Graph will work with contracts that suit the needs of the client: traditional lump sum contracts (whether construct only, or design and construct) are the most common, but all other options can be considered for any specific project.



Whatever the project, Graph can add value during the pre-construction stage, with our expertise in budgeting and feasibility assessments, the briefing and engagement of suitable consultants, and the approvals process.