Walk through area of the Riverlink Building

The Riverlink building is an outstanding building, providing public space configured to act as a thoroughfare between High Street and the Hunter River (to the north), as well as spaces for socialising.

Simplistically, it can be described as a large rectangular arch, with a café (over two levels) on one side, and public amenities on the other. The arch incorporates public art, a water feature on the riverside, and audiovisual facilities to be used in community events and festivals.

The site is atop the levee bank which protects Maitland from flooding, and the project involved the demolition of three shops.

The building has been designed as a landmark building, with even the public amenities featuring natural light and ventilation, and high-quality fixtures and finishes. The building incorporates:

  • Danish bricks, with “handmade specials” featuring on the various external angles;
  • Italian porphyry stone paving on the floor of the arch (which connects to the Riverwalk at the rear of the building, part of which Graph reconstructed in a separate $1m contract which was carried out concurrently);
  • Custom-made joinery entry doors to the café and the amenities;
  • Timber (blackbutt) soffit lining to the arch;
  • Blade columns (blackbutt) to the upper and lower glazing to the café.

The building called for the engagement of tradesmen having superior skills, particularly in bricklaying, joinery and paving and a high-quality outcome has been delivered by Graph and its key subcontractors.


Maitland Riverlink


396-400 High Street, Maitland  


A public building designed to open up the main street of Maitland to the amenity of the Hunter River which flows behind the commercial centre.


Maitland City Council



Completion Date:

March 2018


$4.0m (excl GST)