Swansea Medical Centre

On behalf of the client, Newcastle-based Catalyst Consulting called competitive tenders for this project, and the tender of Graph was accepted.  The contract was a design and construction contract (modified AS4902-2000) and, at the time of tender, development consent was in place and the design development was some 75% complete.  Graph engaged the design consultants to complete the design, and then undertook the construction of the new facility.

The site is just behind the main commercial area of Swansea, but could be described as ‘Swansea Heights’ – Swansea is an essentially level suburb on Lake Macquarie, and the site had to be filled by about one metre in order to comply with Lake Macquarie Council’s requirements regarding sea level rise.

The client was effectively a number of the medical practitioners who occupy the main part of the building (with a pathology unit at the rear occupied by Laverty Pathology), and they were intimately involved in the completion of the design and construction process.  The project went very well, and enjoyed particularly good relationship between all involved.

The building has been tailor-made to meet the requirements of the client (plus the compulsory site filling to allow for sea level rise), and will benefit the local community for many years to come.


Swansea Medical Centre


3-5 Josephson Street, Swansea


Single level medical centre comprising consulting rooms, a treatment room, a procedure room and associated facilities, including a separate pathology unit at the rear of the building, complete with on-grade car parking and required works within the public domain


Medswan Pty Ltd


ELK Design


Heath Care

Completion Date:

December 2021


$2.6m (excl GST)